Monika Yndestad

The Grave

Seventeen years ago, fifteen-year-old Pia Espeland disappeared. But her parents have never given up hope that she is still alive.

Before she disappeared, Pia visited Child Welfare Services. But not everyone in Child Welfare Services is trustworthy. What happened to Pia is still an unanswered puzzle.
BA-journalist Alice Bratt, who has just gone through a difficult breakup, comes across the remains of a woman one evening she is out walking her dog. It looks like someone has lit funeral candles just outside the scene. Could it be the missing Pia? And who has known about her for all these years?

The Grave is an entertaining and realistic journalism crime from a critically acclaimed author.

Monika Yndestad

Monika Yndestad (1964 - ) is a journalist and the author of several books.

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