Jaran Dammann
The Hour of Death

“A faint groan made Claus jump. His eyes searched in the darkness. Someone was on their way through the forest, a man walking backwards with his head bowed. His hands wrapped in the hair of a lifeless girl."

In The Hour of Death, a crime novel from Fagernes, we're not just following any ordinary hero. Claus is a homeless alcoholic who sleeps in the woods, surviving on rubbish, and whatever else he can find, out in the wild. But his life takes a sudden twist when he witnesses the murder of a young girl. The police connect this incident to several unsolved murders and immediately suspect Claus. On the run from the police, and a killer intent on stopping him from revealing what he knows, Claus escapes to the mountains.

Jaran Dammann

Jaran Dammann
Photo: Agnete Brun

Jaran Dammann (1967 - ) is the author of The face of darkness (2012). The hour of death is his second crime novel.

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