Ingvar Ambjørnsen

Captain Nero (Samson & Roberto vol. 4)

The first three books about Samson and Roberto are loved by big and small readers alike.
The clever cat, Roberto, and the amiable dog, Samson, inherited Fjordgløtt Guesthouse and they live a peaceful life there alongside the pageboy badger, Greta. Handyman otter Olli pops by when something needs repairing. One of their guests, the widowed goose Gåthaug, is nervous and depressed. She believes the end of the world is nigh.
After a while it seems that strange and scary things are happening out at sea. Several people have spotted an enormous, bright eye and when lighthouse keeper Fredrik, a strong and terrified ram, comes rowing at breakneck speed, everybody quickly understands that something is wrong. A small expedition, consisting of Samson, Roberto, Stork von Struts and Benny the News Rat, decide to find out exactly what it is out there that is scaring so many of them. This expedition sends them into perilous territory, with big surprises and unexpected occurrences.

The book is as exciting as any James Bond film and is guaranteed to please Samson and Roberto fans new and old!

Illustrated by Per Dybvig.

Ingvar Ambjørnsen

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Photo: Marie Sjøvold

Ingvar Ambjørnsen is considered one of the great storytellers of contemporary Norwegian literature. Some of his books have been adapted into successful movies. Since his literary début in 1981 Ambjørnsen has written 19 novels and three collections of short stories for adults, as well as several books for children and young adults.

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Previous titles in the series sold to: Czech Republic
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The Living and the Dead, 2006
The Murders in Barkvik, 2005
Pelle og Proffen series - nine titles.
Samson & Roberto series - four titles

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Anders Jahre's Cultural Prize 2004
The Salvation Army's Booth Prize 2004
Oslo City Cultural Prize 2001
The Booksellers' Prize 1996 for Brødre i blodet (Beyond the Great Indoors)
The Brage Prize 1995 for Fugledansen (The Bird Dance)
The best book for Young Readers of the 1980's for Døden på Oslo S (Death in Oslo Central
Station) 1991
The City of Lübeck Grant
The City of Hamburg Grant
The Cappelen Prize 1988

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