Tyra Teodora Tronstad
Animal Thoughts

Looking for some peace to write a book about why people are so scared of wolves, Vera’s father takes his 13 year old daughter and moves out of the city, and straight into a hornet’s nest.

In fact Vera and her father move to a small place where a wolf has killed several sheep, and their neighbours have formed an illegal hunting party in order to take its life. Inexplicable things begin to happen, and Vera wonders if she is going crazy. What is it about that green hat she finds in a drawer, and why is that drunkard Birger with the sly look on his face so determined to get hold of it? Fortunately Vera meets Gustav, who learns everything about judo theory in the course of one night and who believes Vera, even though what she tells him is impossible to believe.

Tyra Teodora Tronstad

Tyra Teodora Tronstad

Tyra Theodora Tronstad is taking her master in religious studies. On Monday Morning the Dead are Lined Up was her literary debut.

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Denmark (Turbine), Germany (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag)

Other titles

Hvis det er flere som juger nå, novel, 2011
Mandag morgen står de døde i kø, novel, 2007

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