Levi Henriksen
The Angel in Devil's Gorge

Astrid Baros is forced to accept that she can't be a child forever. She's forced to accept that she is growing and that things are changing. Plus, she has to accept that her parents are divorcing. No, actually, cross out that last part. THEY WILL NEVER DIVORCE!

Astrid makes a naughty but also rather nice plan to reunite Mum and Dad. Ever so astutely she tricks them into returning to Devil's Gorge, the small Swedish island where they once camped back when they were a proper family. What she doesn't know is that on the same island a group of inconsiderate hostage takers have brought their kidnapped victim - a millionaire heir.

Astrid places herself and her parents in a predicament so critical that only an angel can save them.

Levi Henriksen

Levi Henriksen
Photo: Mona Nordøy

Levi Henriksen is an author, songwriter, copywriter, journalist and musician. He is well known for his modern-day depictions of rural life, combining masculinity and sensitivity.

Levi Henriksen has received the Norwegian Booksellers' Prize and has connected with a large readership through his critically acclaimed books.

This is his first book for children.

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