Karin Kinge Lindboe
Afterwards Lasts So Long

Benny's best friend and classmate, Stella, is dead. She has been dead for 22 days and 22 nights. Benny can’t take any more days without Stella. The two boys in the class, Janne and Klaus, try to help her. But Benny doesn't want any help, she just wants Stella back.

One day a new girl arrives in class. She fills a void. Everyone notices it. But no one should take Stella's place, Benny thinks, especially not Sara Reine with the soft smile and straight back.

Afterwards Lasts So Long is an independent sequel to Stella.

Aschehoug 2011
121 pages

The book has been awarded the prestigious Norwegian Critics’ Prize for children’s and young adult literature 2011.

Karin Kinge Lindboe

Karin Kinge Lindboe

Since entering the literary scene with the book Mormors hjerte in 1992, the teacher and writer Karin Kinge Lindboe has written a number books for children and young adults, some of which are set in fantasy worlds.

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