Synne Lea
Leo and Mei

Leo and Mei live on the same street. They live in the same type of house, each a mirror image of the other. But that is where the similarities end. Mei’s parents give her warmth and security, while Leo's existence is difficult and violent. Leo needs Mei to be there for him. And Mei needs Leo.
Leo and Mei is a novel about a special friendship put through great tests, a friendship that must be stronger than anything else, and that might just live up to the task. It is a painful and yet hopeful novel written in a unique, confident and poetic style.

Synne Lea

Synne Lea
Photo: Yina Chan

Synne Lea was born in Oslo and grew up in the city. She studied science at school and was active in sports. She experiments with various means of expressing herself, including graphic design and sculpting.

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