Simon Stranger
The World Liberators

Simon Stranger’s previous young adult novel, Barsakh, introduced us to Emilie. The World Liberators is a new novel about Emilie, but the book is written to stand on its own.
In this new text, Emilie becomes involved in a youth protest group known as The World Liberators. The protest group is made up of young people of Emilie's age and a little older, and provides an outlet for their opinions on issues such as child labor, cruelty to animals, etc. Things begin with innocent protests, but soon develop into something increasingly more advanced – not to mention risky. The World Liberators is a thrilling political novel for young people.

Simon Stranger

Simon Stranger
Photo: Observatoriet

Simon Stranger made his literary début as a children’s author with the children’s book Krusedullen in 2005. In 2006, Gjengangeren was awarded the prize for best children’s book by the The Riksmål Association. Stranger has also written two critically acclaimed novels for adults.

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Barsakh, 2009.
Those Who don´t Exist, 2014

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