Carl Emil Vogt
Fridtjof Nansen. The Man and His Times

In this biography of Fridtjof Nansen, the man is portrayed not as a superman, but as a believable human being. He was selfish and restless, a poor father and husband, exceptionally egocentric and a typical know-all.

However, Nansen was also gripped by a powerful urge to be an active citizen. His role in Norwegian political life grew critical during the succession from the union with Sweden in 1905. He also displayed considerable international and humanitarian engagement over plans to deal with refugees, prisoners of war and victims of starvation. And - of course - he was a courageous leader of expeditions into the Arctic region.

The First World War was the turning point in Nansen's life. His background in Polar travel formed the basis for his humanist engagement. In other words, the book turns on its head the dramatic script that underlies the arguments of all previous Nansen biographies.

Shortened version available for translation.

Carl Emil Vogt

Carl Emil Vogt
Photo: Ida Antonia Tank Bronken

Carl Emil Vogt is a historian and writer. His doctoral thesis focused on Nansen's humanitarian work. He has written about Nansen in a previous book called Nansen's Battle (2007).

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