Gyrid Axe Øvsteng / Ill. By Per Ragnar Møkleby

Little sister cannot sleep because she is afraid of scary dreams. That is why
it is comforting to have big brother in the upper bunk, who can tell her about all the fun and exciting things they can do in their dreams. Like travelling to the moon, or diving to the bottom of the ocean, or baking thousands of scrumptious cakes! Or even visiting a wizard.
By the time big brother is done talking about everything that can happen in dreams, little sister has fallen asleep...

A discovery book that is good to have by the bedside.

Gyrid Axe Øvsteng / Ill. By Per Ragnar Møkleby

Gyrid Axe Øvsteng (b. 1974) is an author and a dramatist.

Per Ragnar Møkleby (b. 1974) is an illustrator and designer.

In 2007 they made the picture book Finn.

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