Mahmona Khan
Dirty snow

We meet four girls. They are part of both Norwegian and Pakistani culture, and are close friends. When one of them is tricked by a Norwegian-Pakistani boy, and raped, followed by a threat to her life if she reveals the truth, the girls understand something must be done. An important motivating force in this struggle, is Charlotte, who was also abused by the same boy.

A gripping story from Oslo’s Norwegian-Pakistani circles.

Aschehoug 2011

Mahmona Khan

Mahmona Khan

Mamohna Khan is a former journalist for LO-Aktuelt and editor of the online magazine She has been studying Creative Writing at NBI. She published her first book, Looking Back - When the Pakistanis came to Norway in 2009 (Pax forlag) and has been co-editor of the anthology Unveiled - Muslim raw sketches, 2011 (Aschehoug forlag).

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