Live Bonnevie
Clan of The Horses

Bonnevie’s debut is a true page-turner whilst remaining a beautiful tribute to nature. It tells the story of a 17-year old girl and a horse, about survival and being torn apart, and of love and finding oneself, in spite of and not because of one’s parents.

All families have painful stories that are either kept secret or withheld. Growing up means one day reaching a crossroads where one must decide whether or not to carry on the legacy of one’s parents. And this choice is the most important one of all.

Clan of the Horses is a mystical and mythical story about the relationship between humans and animals, about survival and independence, about love and about finding one’s inner self in spite of, and not because of, one’s parents.

Live Bonnevie

Live Bonnevie
Photo: Cappelen Damm

Live Bonnevie has worked as script consultant in the movie business for ten years. She has been around horses her whole life, and has always sought after interplay of pure, perfect balance. This is her first book.

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