Endre Lund Eriksen


Julie is fourteen years old, and she’s already sick of being her. She’s had it with being anxious and alone. This summer she will change. Mum and dad think she’s going away on a summer camp. But Julie has other plans.

For a week she will stay home all by herself and do exactly what she wants. Get drunk. Get a tattoo. Drive a car. Get to know somebody. Kiss.
She does get to know somebody. Jomar. When they are together, she dares to do all those things she hadn’t dared before. When she is with Jomar she’s super. But Jomar isn’t who he claims to be. He has secrets.
If you found out everything, Jomar says, you will hate me for the rest of your life.

Aschehoug 2009

Endre Lund Eriksen

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Endre Lund Eriksen holds an arts degree encompassing literary history, stage history and general history. He is a novelist and screenwriter, and his real breakthrough came in 2002 with the publication of the children's book Pitbull-Terje går amok, which received excellent reviews. It won him the 2002 Ministry of Culture’s Prize for Best Children’s Book, and several countries have since secured publishing rights.

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