Simon Stranger
Emilie, Samuel and the Gran Canaries

Like most teenagers, Emilie is concerned about her appearance; clothes, body and calories. But Emilie takes it even further. She works out every day and eats as little as possible. Every meal is a fight. Now Emilie and her family are going to spend the holidays in the Gran Canary. After lunch she sets out for a jog, while only a few kilometers away a boatful of African refugees washes ashore. Soon their paths will cross.
For Emilie, the encounter with the refugees - their hunger and impoverishment - is a wake-up call and a turning point in her own life.

Simon Stranger

Simon Stranger
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Simon Stranger made his literary début as a children’s author with the children’s book Krusedullen in 2005. In 2006, Gjengangeren was awarded Riksmålsprisen. Stranger has also written two critically acclaimed novels for adults.

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