Harald Rosenløw Eeg
Cursed Curriculum

Klaus and his mother have just moved to Oslo. They are both going to start at the same school; Klaus as a student, his mother as a school counsellor. But even before Klaus gets a chance to meet his new classmates, weird things begin to happen. A boy gets killed in a tube accident, and Klaus by coincidence finds his electronic diary. Klaus begins to doubt whether the boy’s death really was an accident. And while he is digging for the truth, he gets caught in a dangerous game where nothing is like it seems. In this game, Klaus has no one he can trust. Not even himself …

Harald Rosenløw Eeg

Since making his debut as a writer in 1995 with his novel Glasskår (which won him two important prizes for first novels) Harald Rosenløw Eeg has made a name for himself as an upbeat and unconventional author of outstanding literary daring. His writing is highly distinctive and has acquired a cadence that is all his own. In his quest for innovative metaphors and word combinations he challenges his readers, breaks established bounds and blazes new trails in the writing of books for young adults. He has subsequently written five more books for young adults, the second of which, Vrengt, brought him the Brage Prize, and one novel for adult readers Karmakongen. Harald Rosenløw Eeg is also a musician and has a master's degree in the history of religion.

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