Geir Gulliksen
Hannu, Hannu

- Let's turn around, I said.
- I’m continuing on, Hannu answers.
- Then I will turn around alone, I said.
And so, I went. I turned around and felt my way, I started to crawl in a darkness which was so dark, I could not know if it was me who was there. After a while I stopped and called for my brother. My voice disappeared into the mountain. It barley managed to return to me, and I never got any other reply.

Hannu, Hannu is a gripping story about two brothers, a darkness and a summer that changes everything.

"… it has to be one of the wisest and most beautiful books to be published last year … There is something mythical about this story, it is independent from time and place. I got some of the same feeling as when I read Tarjei Vesaas’ The Ice Palace. The language is simple and poetic; it is a thought-evoking and beautiful text which almost rises above the borders of language. It is a book which calls upon many thoughts and which stays with you for a long time after you have finished reading it."
(Bok og Samfunn)

"one of the finest Norwegian poets of his generation" (Aftenposten)

Geir Gulliksen

Geir Gulliksen is an author and editor of fiction and general literature. He has published poetry, essays, plays, and two novels.
Hannu, Hannu is his second book for children and young adults.

Mørkets munn, novel 1986
Steder: på torget, poems 1990
Lenkene flyter på vannet, play 1991
Monografi, poems 1995
Virkelighet - og andre essays, 1996
Om tyngde og letthet, poems 1998
Voksne dikt, poems 1999
Våkner om natten og vil noe annet, novel 2001
Poetokrati, essays 2003
Kanskje, kanskje ikke, children's book, 2003
In vivo (with Håvard Syvertsen), novel 2004
Se på meg nå (Look at Me Now), poems 2005

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