Ragnar Aalbu
Out in the Woods

The friendly bear is eating his way through the blueberry bushes in the woods when the world’s largest blueberry catches his eye. Meanwhile, a young girl is on a field trip with her class. The woods are no fun at all, she thinks. But maybe unexpected things can happen out in the woods?
The two plots about the bear and the girl are intertwined in visually elegant, surprising ways – with Ragnar Aalbu’s fantastic illustrations and warm sense of humour. This book is sure to charm readers of all ages.

Ragnar Aalbu

Ragnar Aalbu
Ena forlag

Ragnar Aalbu (b. 1966) is a picture book author and illustrator, and has received multiple awards for his minimalist, stylised illustrations, including the Department of Culture’s First Children’s Book Award in 2005.
Aalbu is featured in Martin Salisbury’s book PLAY PEN – New Children’s Book Illustration (2007), and in the Gestalten Verlag title Little Big Books – Illustrations for Children’s Picture Books (2012).

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