Fam Ekman

The Cat Who Refused a Bath

Bath time is no fun for cats! The threat of a bath scares the cat in this story off on an adventure. It is the start of a wild journey to an eccentric Lord, who keeps horses, pigs, and eventually another cat, competing for space. This is too much for our cat, but as he continues his journey, he meets a mermaid with an important message, and is faced with a huge choice: To bath or not to bath?

Fam Ekman

Fam gray
Thomas Brun

Fam Ekman (b. 1946) is a graduate of the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry and the National Academy of Art in Oslo. Ekman made her debut in 1969 with That may be (Det kan hända), and has written and illustrated a great number of books since. She has received several awards , including the Brage Award in 1992, the Book Art Award in 2003, and the National Critics’ Award in 2008.
Her books are collectors’ items among adult art lovers, as well as providing fun reading and visual art experiences for children. They draw inspiration from fairy tales and animal fables, and are executed in her own signature style: spare, down to earth, inventive, and original.

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