Trude Tjensvold
Bo Moves Out

This is an imaginative picture book about feeling ignored. Bo the Cat was like the cat who got the cream before Viktor the Dog moved in. He takes Bo’s place in the mistress’s bed. The mistress used to give Bo fried bacon and cooked fish, but now she only serves liver, because that’s what Viktor wants. The mistress seems to be more interested in Viktor the Dog than Bo the Cat. There’s only one thing to be done, and that is to find somewhere else to live. So Bo sets out into the world to find a new home where there are no dogs.

This picture book is bursting with humour and colour, and captures how it feels to be ignored. When faced with the dangers of the big wide world, however, Bo realises how good things were at home with the dog and his mistress.
A classic story with engaging illustrations.

Trude Tjensvold

Trude Tjensvold
Photo: Kristin Aafløy Opdalen

Trude Tjensvold (b. 1964) is an illustrator and designer. This is her first book.

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