Siri Pettersen
The Might

Having left our world through the ports, Hirka enters Dreysil, the world of the blind ones. A world where she is considered an inadequate half blood. But Hirka is also evidence of the virility of Graal, and she shall lead the blind ones’ invasion of Ymslanda, her homeland.

Hirka now faces the most difficult choice of her life. What people does she belong to? Is it the blind ones, or the folk of Ymslanda? Who will get her loyalty? And what weighs heaviest: relation by blood, or the love for the ones she grew up with? In order to save the world Hirka must become everything she has previously hated and despised. A strategist. A warrior. One who calculates in lives…

Siri Pettersen

Siri Pettersen was born under the northern lights of Norway, with a severely overactive imagination. It survived countless attacks from the outside world, rendering her an expert escapist, frolicking in a wide range of media: Design, web, comics, illustration, animation and text. She simply loves a good story.

The Raven Rings Trilogy go against conventional patterns in the genre, and while it contains the classic fantasy elements as evil and magic, it also reinvents the whole genre. With her feet firmly rooted in the Norse mythology, Siri Pettersen has created a unique and complex world. She examines phenomena like xenophobia and blind faith as she asks questions about who has the right to lead and control others. Evil is set against good. Every choice an individual makes is part of a much larger context.

Rights sold to

Brazil: Editoria Valentina
Czech Republic: Host
Denmark: Høst & Søn/Rosinante
Finland: Art House/Jalava
Germany: Arctis
Israel: Sial Publishers
Italy: Multiplayer
Norway: Gyldendal
Poland: Rebis Publishing
Sweden: B. Wahlström

Other titles

Bubble (Bobla), 2017
The Rot (Råta), 2014
Odin’s Child (Odinsbarn), 2013

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Winner of the Norwegian Fabel Award (2014)
Winner of the Norwegian Booksellers’ Grant for kids/YA fiction (2015)
Winner of the ARK Bookchain’s “Book of the year” Award (2015)
Winner of the Norwegian South Literary Award (2016)
Winner of the Norwegian Havmann Award (2016)
Shortlisted for the ARK Bookchain’s “Book of the year” Award (2017)
Shortlisted for the Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize (2013, 2014, 2015, 2017)
Shortlisted for the Norwegian Bookblogger’s Prize (2013, 2014, 2015)
Shortlisted for the Norwegian Ministry of Culture’s Debut Award (2014)
Shortlisted for the Norwegian YA Award (2016)
Shortlisted for the Swedish Grand Audiobook Award (2016, 2017)
Shortlisted for the Finnish Star Fantasy Award (2016)
Shortlisted for the Polish Book of the Year Award (2017)
Representing Norway on IBBY’s Honour List (2016)

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