Kari Stai
Yesper and Noper and the Empty Room

Hurra! In 2014 comes a new story about Yesper and Noper!
Yesper and Noper are best of friends and live together in a tall house. Yesper lives on the ground floor, and Noper on the first floor. But the attic is all empty. ‘We need a housemate,’ says Noper. The duo of Yesper and Noper are back, and this time they are getting a housemate to fill their empty attic. But what starts as a mutual project for the friends ends in an argument. For the first time, the best friends have become enemies.

The third book about Yesper and Noper is about the big issues in life: friendship, reconciliation and, of course, Christmas.

The reviewers wrote: ‘Kari Stai’s series about the sourpuss Noper and the optimist Yesper are among the best picture books we’ve got.’


"We can all look forward again to savouring Stai’s exquisite interplay between text and images, with every word and every geometrical line working closely together. A book about friendship and reconciliation by one of our most stylistically talented authors of books for readers of all ages.’


Kari Stai

Kari Stai (b. 1974) is a Norwegian illustrator, author and artist. She is graduated from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts with an MA in Visual Communication, in addition to studies at other Norwegian art colleges. Besides the Yesper and Noper-series she has published other picture books including the board books Mopp and Mikko (2010). In 2021 she made the illustrated novel So-so Happy (for readers 9 – 12). She has also illustrated a wide range of books by other writers.

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