Anne Lise Schibbye and Elisabeth Løvlie
You and the Child
Creating Good Relationships with Children

Drawing on numerous examples from our everyday encounters with children, the authors show how nurturing and caring relationships are formed and how crucial these are to the child’s development. It is in the relationship to the other that the child strengthens his or her ability to deal with emotions and forms a secure self.
This book is based on Schibbye’s psychodynamic and dialectic theory of relationships. It shows how relevant this understanding is as we seek to establish relationships with children around us. Central concepts throughout the book are recognition, attachment, listening, emotional regulation and the setting of boundaries.

Anne Lise Schibbye and Elisabeth Løvlie

Anne Lise Schibbye and Elisabeth Løvlie

Anne-Lise Løvlie Schibbye is a psychologist, with a Ph.D. from the United States. For more than thirty years she was assistant professor at the University of Oslo, combining research and clinical practice. She has published both academic and non-academic books.

Elisabeth Løvlie received her doctorate in French literature at Oxford University in 2001. She continued her literary research at the University of Oslo until 2013. She has published several academic books and articles.

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