Bjørn Berge
The tale of a fading sense

This book is a tribute to the free sense of smell in all its beauty and disgust.
It opens with an introduction to the significance of the sense and the adventurous diversity of smells, continuing as a historical journey through the scents of the first ancient cities, medieval plague epidemics, and the industrial revolution up to the present day. In total, it explores twenty different odors, from the smell of blood to the fragrance of a flower meadow, flatulence, money, and garlic.
The sense of smell is associated with the dark, the erotic, the animalistic – the very opposite of modernity and progress. We now live in an almost odorless world where soon, everything will be visual – and only that.

All illustrated with beautiful watercolors by visual artist Anette Rosenberg.

This invention is so good that one can turn yellow with envy: writing a book about a country that no longer exists. ... Each country is devoted to just four pages, and on these are unrolled shocking world history, lyrical descriptions and subtle details ... an exceptionally beautiful book.

Author Erika Fatland, for Aftenposten

Bjørn Berge

Bjørn Berge
Marie Rosenberg

Bjørn Berge is an architect and author. He has published numerous articles and books in Norway on architecture and building ecology. In 2016, he published Nowherelands – so far sold to 22 countries.

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