Jo Nesbø
Doctor Proctor and the End of the World. Maybe

Doctor Proctor #3

The third book featuring Doctor Proctor and his friends is about an alien invasion, choir music vs marching bands, Doctor Proctor’s Power Potion, how socks REALLY disappear from washing machines, genuine frog men, not quite so genuine baboons, sinister waffle irons, and not entirely perfected balancing shoes. Plus a seven-legged Peruvian sucking spider, a king in exile, and the end of the world. Maybe.

This time along, Jo Nesbø blasts through all realistic constraints and introduces delightfully grotesque aliens in a style reminiscent of Roald Dahl’s The Witches.

Click here for a video interview in English with Jo Nesbø about Doctor Proctor and the End of the World. Maybe.

Nesbø tucks enough silly antics, oddball adults and sly digs at his country’s culture and foibles into his third Doctor Proctor epic to keep even non-Scandinavians amused. Hefty but lightweight, with occasional pokerfaced line drawings to reinforce the tongue-in-cheek tone.

Kirkus Reviews, US

A lighthearted romp with humor, mystery, and a bit of adventure. Fans of farce should take note.

School Library Journal, US

The end of the world looms as Doctor Proctor and co, fuelled by lots of jelly, struggle to thwart an alien invasion with quirky inventiveness. Children will love the wacky humour, nail-biting cliff-hangers, weird characters and crazy inventions.

The Herald, UK

Jo Nesbø writes in a cheerful pace. The story fizzes with narrative exuberance and joyful spirit. The dialogue is pitch perfect, the events fall over one another, and in the middle of all the make-believe one can glimpse both seriousness and a hint of poetry.

Politiken, Denmark

Breakneck, laughter-inducing, thought provoking… In addition, Nesbø’s writing is fantastically funny, pleasing young and old.

Dagsavisen, Norway

Jo Nesbø

Jo Nesbø
Thron Ullberg

Jo Nesbø (b. 1960) is a musician, songwriter, and economist, as well as one of the leading crime writers in the world. He is recognized for having widened the scope of the thriller with his unusual literary qualities and ambitions, his psychological insights and his in-depth knowledge of life in a modern, globalized world. His books have garnered countless international awards, sold 36 million copies, and been translated into 50 languages. In addition to the Harry Hole series he is the author of stand-alone novels Headhunters, The Son, Blood on Snow and Midnight Sun, as well as several children’s books in the Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder series.

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