Jo Nesbø
Doctor Proctor and the Time-Travel Bath Bomb

Doctor Proctor #2

Doctor Proctor has gone to Paris to reunite with the love of his life, baroness Juliette Margarine, but something seems to have gone awfully wrong along the way: one day, Nilly and Lisa receive a postcard from the mad (well, almost) professor in which he claims to have been trapped in time. Now, it is up to the fast-talking little redhead and his smart partner to get Proctor out, and quick. As Nilly and Lisa travel to Paris, little do they know that they are being followed by the frightening Raspa, Proctor’s scheming former assistant. And despite their vivid imaginations, they can hardly imagine what lies ahead: an incredible adventure through time, in which the two of them will change the course of history in an almost unbelievable way.

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Required Reading

New York Post, US

There’s plently of toilet humour, and general silliness that kids love.

The Bookseller, UK

Hailed as the new Stieg Larsson for his adult crime thrillers, Nesbo’s children's books are just as wickedly entertaining, proving that learning is more fun when flatulence is involved.

The Big Issue, UK

There’s only one problem: it is hard to read without laughing out loud. Sweet Moses, what an exciting an unpretentious play with language and European history! It serves in particular the funniest explanation of the Battle of Waterloo. /…/ Fabulously illustrated by Per Dybvig.

Berlingske, Denmark

Delightful, nutty, and staggeringly funny. /…/ Just step on the gas and jump in the tub!

Aftenposten, Norway

Jo Nesbø

Jo Nesbø
Thron Ullberg

Jo Nesbø (b. 1960) is a musician, songwriter, and economist, as well as one of the leading crime writers in the world. He is recognized for having widened the scope of the thriller with his unusual literary qualities and ambitions, his psychological insights and his in-depth knowledge of life in a modern, globalized world. His books have garnered countless international awards, sold 36 million copies, and been translated into 50 languages. In addition to the Harry Hole series he is the author of stand-alone novels Headhunters, The Son, Blood on Snow and Midnight Sun, as well as several children’s books in the Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder series.

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