Jostein Gaarder, Akin Düzakin
Questions Asked

Questions Asked
“Where does the world come from?
Has there always been something here?
Or has it all come from nothing?”

A picture book with fundamental philosopical questions, posed in a way only Jostein Gaarder is capabel of. Illustrator Akin Düzakin has made an independent picture narrative that underscores the existential aspect of Jostein Gaarder’s philosophical questions.

We see a young boy on a Journey. Alone in an open landscape. A journey in thoughts and dreams. About losing something and about grief, but also about understanding the mysterious and magical element of living as a human being.

Jostein Gaarder, Akin Düzakin

Jostein Gaarder, Akin Düzakin

In 1991, when Jostein Gaarder wrote Sophie’s World he believed that a novel on the history of philosophy would appeal only to a specialist readership. In 1995 the book was the most sold novel in the world.

To date Sophie’s World has been translated into 64 languages and has sold over 50 million copies. Jostein Gaarder’s other works, both his children’s books and adult novels such as The Solitaire Mystery, Through a Glass, Darkly, Vita Brevis , The Ringmaster’s Daughter, The Orange Girl, Anna. A Fable About The Earth’s Climate And Enviroment, and The Puppeteer, have proved hugely popular and been published around the world.

Akin Düzakin (b. 1961) is a highly acclaimed and award winning illustrator. He moved to Oslo, Norway, in 1987 after finishing a degree in industrial design and architecture in his homeland Turkie. He has a degree in illustrations from Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

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