Gro Dahle
What A Girl!

Lucy is a very, very gentle little girl. She is so gentle that one day she disappears. Far, far away. Into the walls. She is so quiet and nice that no-one can see her anymore. Neither her mother and father, nor her classmates and teacher.
Fortunately Lussi is strong enough to find a way to be visible – showing others that gentle girls must take responsibility and find their own way.

Illustrated by Svein Nyhus.

English edition available.

Gro Dahle

Gro Dahle

Gro Dahle (b. 1962) has written a number of poetry collections and children’s books. Dahle stands out as a stylistically naïve, imaginative, quick-witted and burlesque writer – a poet treading her own path. As a children’s book writer she is known for her poetic books on themes that are often given little attention. Her poetry collections Regnværsgåter and Hundre tusen timer have solid places in the canon of modern Norwegian poetry. She has also published novels and short stories.

Svein Nyhus (b. 1962) is an artist and children’s book author. He has won a number of awards, among them the Brage Prize and the Award for the Year’s Most Beautiful Picture Book. He is recognized for the illustrations he has done for books by Gro Dahle and also for Princess Märtha Louise’s book Hvorfor de kongelige ikke har krone på hodet.

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