Nina Nordal Rønne

Bella is a pretty cut-out paper doll. She is pleased with herself and looks at the pile of leftover paper left by the scissors. Suddenly noisy and dynamic Leftover-Ella appears from the scraps. At first, Bella doesn’t like her. But after they help each other escape from the scary scissors, they become the best of friends. This is a picture book about the duality of friendship/hostility, creation/destruction and initiative/passivity.

English PDF sample translation: Rosie Hedger

Nina Nordal Rønne

Nina Nordal Rønne (b. 1972) is a Norwegian illustrator, animator and author. She has studied animation at Volda University College and History of Ideas at the University of Oslo. She works as a freelance illustrator in Oslo, and also writes and creates her own stories.

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