Thorborg Rebolledo Meisingset
The Cloud

Greta is very shy. One day, on her way to her ukulele class, she meets a cloud called Cloud. Cloud is everything that Greta isn’t, confident, impulsive, cheeky. Cloud wants Greta to come with him to have fun. But when they try to get into a fun fair without paying, they fail to get pass the strict guards. Cloud gets very discouraged by this. But Greta has an idea. She defies her shyness and together they impro­vise a street concert and make enough money to buy both sweets, candy floss and rides.

English PDF sample translation: Becky Crook.

Thorborg Rebolledo Meisingset

Thorborg Rebolledo Meisingset (text)
Akin Duzakin (illustration)

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