Veronica Salinas
The Voyage

A duck is forced away from its homeland by a tempest. When she lands in a strange place, everything is foreign and no one understands her. Finally she meets a friendly duck and slowly she adapts to the new environment. But one day another tempest arrives, and her life changes again. This is a picture book with cute animals, but also a fable with a more pro­found message about finding yourself and growing as a person.

English PDF sample translation: Jeanne Eirheim.

"The wit and inventiveness of the artwork make this voyage memorable."

New York Times

Veronica Salinas

Veronica Salinas was born in Argentina, and is now an author, dramatist and actor living in Norway. She studied theatre and Portuguese in Buenos Aires, and she holds a master’s degree in Spanish and Portuguese literature from the University of Oslo. She has written three books about the little duck: The Voyage, Hungry and The Shadow , which have received a great deal of critical acclaim in Norway and abroad.

Camilla Engman (b. 1966) is an acclaimed Swedish illustrator and artist. She studied painting at Dômen Artschool and graphic design at the College of Arts and Crafts in Gothenburg. Engman’s work has been exhibited in several countries, and she has illustrated two picture books for the Italian publishing house Topipittori. Her publications at Magikon include The Voyage, Hungry and The Shadow written by Veronica Salinas, and You and Me written by Erna Osland.

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