Øivin Horvei + 12 writers
K. Mustermann

A postman comes to an apartment building where the name “K. Mustermann” is on all the doorbells. He has a very important letter, with information of a multimillion inheritance, that is to be delivered directly to a person called K. Mustermann. But because he doesn’t know what doorbell to ring, he gives up, throws away the letter and leaves. This book shows portraits of all the K. Mustermanns, but we will never know who was the right receiver of the letter.

Øivin Horvei + 12 writers

Øivin Horvei (illustration)
Ingeborg Arvola (text)
Gro Dahle (text)
Per Olav Kaldestad (text)
Mette Karlsvik (text)
Lina Undrum Mariussen (text)
Audun Mortensen (text)
Knut Nærum (text)
Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold (text)
Simon Stranger (text)
Terje Thorsen (text)
Eivor Vindenes (text)
Olav Øyehaug (text)

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Gold Award / Visuelt.
Diploma / Most Beautiful Books of the Year.
White Ravens.

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