Anna Luise Kirkengen
How Abused Children Become Unhealthy Adults

The present book has been written for students and professionals in the health and child care professions as well as in the legal professions. It represents a synthesis of two types of knowledge:

Braiding THAT-knowledge and HOW-knowledge can help to deepen professionals´ insight into what they see before them; it can enrich their grasp of the dynamics that shape particular forms of ill health. This synthesis of knowledge is meant to compensate for the shortcomings in each of the different methodological approaches applied in this field of research. Here histories of violation, adaptation, exhaustion, and sickness both illustrate and explain what is implicit in the statistics, thus directing the attention from correlations and probabilities to how statistically calculated odds ratios for risk are, in a literal sense, made flesh.

This book seeks to synthesize group-based risk estimates for sickness and death with human beings´ lived experiences, their embodied lives, thereby to better understand the intimate connections between humiliation, shattered trust, sickness, and premature death. Only thus can the medical community face the deadly consequences of any disregard of human dignity, however inadvertent that may be. Once this knowledge synthesis is clear, professionals committed to providing care in a relationship of trust become better able to protect, help, and heal.

Anna Luise Kirkengen

Specialist in General Practice, General Practitioner for 30 years, researcher. PhD thesis: Health impact of childhood violation General Practice Research Unit
Professor at NTNU

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