Maja Lunde

The Most Amazing Thing

The fun and playful story about Ninon, who outshines primadonna chefs.

When her best friend Choco moves away, Ninon feels so sad that she’ll never be happy again. But one day the best chefs in the world come to the village to compete, and Ninon receives a mysterious envelope in the mail…

The Most Amazing Thing is an extraordinary tale about grumpy master chefs, a stubborn cat, five cocoa beans and last, but not least, a very imaginative girl.

The picture book is beautifully illustrated by Hans Jørgen Sandnes, and all the images are painted with real chocolate!

Maja Lunde

Lunde maja

Maja Lunde (b. 1975) is a Norwegian author and screenwriter. She was born and raised in Oslo where she still lives with her husband and three children. The History of Bees (2015) is her first novel. It recieved massive attention when it was first presented at the London Book Fair (Spring 2015), and was sold to seven languages before the book was launched. Her second novel Blue will be launched in the fall 2017.

Lunde has written several books for children and young adults. She has also written scripts for film and Norwegian television, including for the children’s series Barnas supershow (“The Children’s Super Show”), the drama series Hjem (“Home”) and the comedy series Side om Side (“Side by Side”). All of these have been great audience successes.

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