Erik Lunde

A newborn girl baby is found choked in a garbage bin in the Indian city of Jaipur. Everything indicates that the little child was killed because she had a wrong gender. She was chosen away, like so many other girls and women in India. In the short life and the tragic destiny of the little girl, many stories about human dignity and sorting have been woven in our time. Everywhere there are people who are unwanted because of whom they are. The attitudes that make girls get into garbage bins in India are not without parallels in our own Western society.

We can all be chosen away. Erik Lunde builds the book on eight literally deadly ideas that increasingly characterize the debate about what a human being is and what gives a human life value. The book is a defense of equality and diversity.

Erik Lunde

Erik Lunde
Håvard Krogedal

Erik Lunde is a norwegian politician, theologian and writer. In the spring of 2017 he received C.J. Hambro's award for "outstanding writer".

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