Bjørn Ingvaldsen
Your Father

Your father is a thief. That’s what everyone says to you. Everyone hates your father because he steals. Everyone hates you because you have a father who is a thief. So what do you do? Fight Hide? For you can’t deny it. Everyone is right. Your father is a thief.
«I used to live here, everyone lived here, we lived here. Right here. Everything was normal. But now, right now, I knew that nothing was normal anymore. Everything was different now.»

Bjørn Ingvaldsen

Bjørn Ingvaldsen
Photo: Elisabeth Thønnesen

Bjørn Ingvaldsen made his debut in 1995 with a collection of short stories for adults. Since then he has written several books for children and adults. His books for children have been translated into Danish, French, German and Italian.

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