Erika Fatland
The Border
Travelling around Russia through North Korea, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Norway and also the North-Eastern Passage

The Border places Erika Fatland definitively at the forefront of international non-fiction prose. The Border is a book about Russia and Russian history without its writer ever entering Russia itself; it is a book on the topic of being the neighbours of that mighty, expanding empire throughout history. The enormous cultural differences between the countries that the author visits are eclipsed by the one, common factor, which in different ways has defined them all: Living next door to Russia. The Border narrates the colourful, exciting, tragic and often unbelievable histories that have evolved due to this fundamental, geopolitical condition. At the same time, it is a fascinating and vivid description of the cultures, peoples, landscapes and heroic individuals the author encounters along the border.

"A grand story."

Politiken (Denmark)

"Erika Fatland has written a transcendent, magical book."

Jyllands-Posten (Denmark)

"Impressive result"

Kristeligt Dagblad (Denmark)

"Eminent travelogue... A curious, explorative explosion. An impressive contribution to Norwegian and Scandinavian non-fiction."

Weekendavisen (Denmark)

She shares the joy, astonishment, unease and practical problems in a way that makes the reader feel like he or she is taking part in the journey.

"A captivating and engaging travelogue that without doubt will find a large audience."

Erika Fatland

Erika Fatland
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Erika Fatland (b. 1983) achieved her international breakthrough with Sovietistan (2015). In 2016 Fatland was named one of the ten most interesting, emerging literary voices in Europe by Literary Europe Live. Sovietistan, a compelling description of her travels through the history, geography and modern-day societies of the five former Soviet republics in Central Asia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, has so far been translated into 12 languages.

Rights sold to

Arab: Al-Arabi, Armenian: Fridtjof Nansen Foundation, Azerbaijani: Alatoran, Bengali: Sampark, Brazilian Portuguese: Ayiné, Danish: Informations Forlag, Dutch: de Geus, English (world): MacLehose Publishers, Faroese: Sprotin, French: Gaïa, German: Suhrkamp Verlag, Italian: Marsilio, Lithuanian: Balto leidybos namai, Polish: Sonia Draga, Romanian: Editura Paralela 45, Russian: Ripol, Spanish: Tusquets, US: Pegasus Books.

Other titles

Foreldrekrigen 2009
Englebyen 2011
Året uten sommer 2012
Sovjetistan 2014

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Bokbloggerprisen 2017
Wesselprisen 2016
2015 Norwegian Prize for Nonfiction

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