Sigbjørn Lilleeng
Nagel – Storms and Shadows

The Great War, in which the humans eradicated the vile fiends, is now 50 years ago. The citizens of Nordheim and Aradan celebrate peace and prosperity, but outside the city gates, something is lurking. Shadows move in the forbidden forest. And is it right, as the Volve says, that Fenris is about to awaken?

The weirdos Brage, Farah and Nagel – the last of his species – must deal with bullying, xenophobia, monsters, lying adults and a mysterious curse which is slowly catching up to humankind.

Can they save a world that doesn't really have a place for them?

Nagel – Storms and Shadows is the first book in the critically acclaimed action series for youth «Nagel», mixing science fiction, drama and Norse mythology.

Sigbjørn Lilleeng

Sigbjørn Lilleeng
Nathalie Schou-Standal

Sigbjørn Lilleeng is an award winning comics artist and illustrator from Norway with many published comic books.

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Årets tegneserie 2018 (nominee, original edition)

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