John S. Jamtli
Sabotage – The Heavy Water Sabotage

Telemark, Norway, 1942. Agent Einar Skinnarland lands his parachute on the Hardanger Plateau. His mission: Infiltrating the heavy water production facility in the hydroelectric plant on Vemork – and figuring out how to sabotage it. His superior in England, Leif Tronstad, is the only one who knows the importance of the mission: The heavy water might be the key Germany needs to successfully develop a bomb of unfathomable powers.

The Vemork operation is possibly the most famous resistance operation on Norwegian soil, brought to the big screen in the 1965 Hollywoodversion Heroes of Telemark. But not everyone knows what high cost the success had, for all involved parties. This graphic novel tells the tale of all those who did everything in their power to thwart Hitler’s nuclear plans.

The Heavy Water Sabotage is the fourth independent album in John S. Jamtli’s
critically acclaimed and award winning graphic novel series about the
Norwegian resistance movement during World War II.

John S. Jamtli

John S. Jamtli
Thanee Andino

John S. Jamtli, born and raised in Mo i Rana, is a Norwegian illustrator and cartoonist. Jamtli has published several comic books, some in collaboration with writer Aleksander Kirkwood Brown. He has currently written and drawn four books in the Sabotage series.

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