Anders Totland

Gunnar has created his own record book. In it, he writes about both the good and the bad parts of life. Gunnar doesn’t want to show the book to anyone, but what happens if the record book falls into the wrong hands?

Gunnar owns a book. A book full of records. In it, he writes about Sivert, who is the best friend in the whole world, about Sivert’s father, who must be the world’s happiest man, about Dad, who just lies on the couch and is the saddest person Gunnar knows. And about Vilde, who has the world’s most beautiful smile.

But he doesn’t write about how a heart can just stop beating, and he doesn’t write about Mom. And he doesn’t show the book to anyone. No one gets to read Gunnar’s record book.

Anders Totland

Anders Totland
Sara Berntsen

Anders Totland is an author, social scientist, cook, and journalist. He is an award-winning children and young adult writer. He has also published several novels, including A Prayer for Jacob Juul. It's sequel will be published in the Autumn of 2024.

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The new Norwegian Children’s Literature Prize for his first novel, Angel in the Snow, 2016
Nominated for the Ministry of Culture’s Award, best non-fiction 2017 – The Norwegian Slave Trade

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