Mariangela Di Fiore and Cathrine Trønnes Lie
Sisters - after Utøya

In 2011, 17 year old Cathrine and her sister Elisabeth go
together to Camp Utøya, to make new friends, discuss
politics and dream about the future. The first few days
are filled with laughter and joy. But then the unimaginable
happens – and only one of the two sisters return home.
Ten years have passed since the tragedy on Utøya. This is
Cathrine’s story about the days before, during, and after the
events that changed both her, and the country, forever. It is a
story of grief, hope, and a new future.

Mariangela Di Fiore and Cathrine Trønnes Lie

Mariangela Di Fiore (b. 1981) has published numerous books
for children and adults in a variety of genres. Best known is
Camorraland, a documentary about the Neapolitan mafia.
Cathrine Trønnes Lie (b. 1994) was on Utøya on 22
July 2011. She was shot, and lost her sister there. She has
completed several self help courses, and is a licenced Core
NLP Leadership & Executive Coach from Ethos Academy

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