Maria Parr
Oskar and Me
and All the Places We Are

In Oskar and Me we meet older sister Ida and her little brother Oskar. It is Ida who tells the story, but the wild and headstrong Oskar plays the main role in her stories. The book is about longing for a trampoline, about river safaris in the spring sun and missing vampires in the autumn darkness. About cabins that are smaller than one remembers and cupcake kiosks that are nicer than expected, about change and loss. And about pretend play and real play.

Maria Parr has written a fast-paced and warm read-aloud story about growing up and seeing life in a different light than one did before. Oskar and Me is a tribute to everyday life, to sibling relationships and to all the places we are.

The book is illustrated by Åshild Irgens.

“The novel Oskar and Me is a treasure.”
- Karen Frøsland Nystøyl

“The book is like a box of candy with everything that is good: familiar scenes, new expressions and a multitude of images, both in the language and in the illustrations.”
- Janne Karin Støylen

“Everyone should have a book by Maria Parr in their life.”
- Anne Cathrine Straume

“Maria Parr’s new children’s book is pure gold – and Parr consolidates her position as one of the best children’s book authors in Norway.”
- Kristine Isaksen

“New book by Maria Parr – lucky everyone who grows up with such stories!”
- Anna Marta Vinsrygg Vadstein

“In Oskar and me, ordinary things happen to ordinary children. But Maria Parr portraits a larger universe in their small village.”
- Silje Bekeng-Flemmen

Maria Parr

Maria Parr

Maria Parr (b. 1981) has a master’s degree in Nordic languages and literature. Both Waffle Heart and Tonje Glimmerdal have been dramatized for the stage. Waffle Heart was made as a hugely popular TV-series in 2011 and re-sent twice. Parr is often considered a modern Astrid Lindgren.

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