Katrin Glatz Brubakk and Guro Kulset Merakerås
Inside Europe's largest refugee camp

The Moria refugee camp is Europe´s prime symbol of the so-called refugee crisis of 2015. The book of MORIA, named after the notorious camp, offers readers a unique insight into a dark chapter of contemporary European history.

Child psychologist and Doctors Without Boarders field worker, Katrin Glatz Brubakk, regularly worked as a volunteer and therapist in the camp from 2015 - 2022, gaining profound insight in the development of the camp and the refugees´ situation. In companianship with journalist Guro Kulset Merakerås, she has turned her eye witness experiences from the camp and the relief work on the island of Lesbos into a pageturner that combines close human portraits with historical and political overview. The book helps readers understand why Moria became the largest refugee camp in Europe and a humanitarian catastrophe unprecedented in modern Europe. Brubakk, a experienced trauma psychologist, also gives an introduction to the psychological mechanisms at play for people in a refugee situation, and the short and long term psychological consequences of becoming a refugee or migrant, living in Moria or other camps.

Norwegian reviewers praised the book as beeing "disturbingly good", "strong, educational and well-written", "a testemony of high value" and "a humantistic project that lets the migrants stuck in greek islands reenter our consciousness".

Katrin Glatz Brubakk and Guro Kulset Merakerås

Katrin Glatz Brubakk and Guro Kulset Merakerås
Camilla s. Moe/ Prud

Katrin Glatz Brubakk (1970) is a German-Norwegian child
psychologist specializing in trauma. She works as an
assistant professor at NTNU, University in Trondheim,
Norway, and is an experienced staff member for MSF.
She is one of the most prominent Norwegian advocates for
refugee rights, and the prime press source to information
from the camp.

Guro Kulset Merakerås (1976) is a successful Norwegian
freelance journalist and author, with a Masters degree in
German and English literature from NTNU, University in
She has been working as an independent freelance
journalist in Norway since 2007.
"Moria" is her third book.

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