Thomas Framnes and Joachim Berg (ill.)
Loudfahrt 1 - The world's most unfortunate boy

It’s not easy being William. Constantly haunted by bad luck, he finds himself in one crisis after another. But nothing beats
William’s middle name: “Laudfahrt”. Probably Dutch, from his weird father . So when Dad comes to visit, he shouts in the
schoolyard: “William! Willy Laudfahrt!”

Thomas Framnes and Joachim Berg (ill.)

Thomas Framnes (b. 1972) is an experienced copywriter. When he is not writing children’s books, he works as an information
manager for the Norwegian Metrology Service.
Joachim Berg (b. 1984) is an illustrator who has studied classical drawing at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, and
animation at Volda University College. He has worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, clothing designer and is now employed
by Qvisten Animation.

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