Lars Mæhle and Odd Henning Skyllingstad (ill.)
The mysteries at Crow's Nest kindergardent: Easter eggs, crabs and mosquitoes

The third collection book about the world’s youngest
This book is a collection of three stories: Where is the Easter
egg?, Where are the crabs?, and Where are the mosquitoes?

Lars Mæhle and Odd Henning Skyllingstad (ill.)

Lars Mæhle (b. 1971) has written more than 40 books for
children and young adults since his debut in 2002. His big
breakthrough came in 2009 with the fantasy novel The
Country Beneath the Ice
, winning the Uprisen, the Fable Award
and the Norwegian Ministry of Culture’s literature award.
Odd Henning Skyllingstad (b. 1978) is a cartoonist and
illustrator. He is educated in animation at the Volda University
College, and won the Sproing Award for the short film Børre
er død (Børre is dead).

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