Susanne Hætta
Mari Moments - Mari Liibbat
Mari Boine's life in photographs

Mari Boine has been the voice of Sápmi for over three decades. Her voice, her words and magical stage presence has meant everything for her people. She has sung with an unique intensity about cultural pride and spiritual treasures, but also discrimination and ignorance experienced by Indigenous peoples all over the world. Her musical partners have included Peter Gabriel, Jan Garbarek and numerous Nordic and Sámi artists.
Mari Boine becomes what she sings, just like in the Sámi people ́s traditional music called yoik. Channelling joy, sorrow, rage and happiness from the stage, she has left no one at her concerts untouched.
This is Mari Moments – Mari Liibbat: her life as an artist and woman, photographed and written by Sámi author Susanne Hætta. Their meetings through three years have resulted in this book, where art and documentary blends together like in the moments at night when you are dreaming and awake at the same time. This poetic coffee table book is written in English and Northern Sámi. Link text

Susanne Hætta

Susanne Hætta
Ingerid Jordal

Susanne Hætta is a Northern Sámi author, photographer and visual artist from Sápmi/Finnmark in the Arctic part of Norway. She has published a biography “Utsi – the way out of criminal life” (2015), a children’s book in Northern Sámi and South Sámi, “A day in Ánne’s life” and a poetic portait book about the renowned Sámi artist Synnøve Persen, “Luondduadjágasat – Dreamscapes – Drømmelandskap – Traumlandschaften”, in the languages English, German, Norwegian and Northern Sámi. Hætta’s three-year collaboration with Sámi musician Mari Boine resulted in a coffee table book, “Mari Moments – Mari Liibbat”, portraying Boine in her personal and professional life, with texts in English and Northern Sámi. As a photographer, Hætta works with both art and commersial photography, but portraits and landscapes remains closest to her heart. Her artistic signature includes monochrome landscapes from her native Sápmi. Link text

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