Rune Markhus
Something inside something else

Think inside the box!
Have you ever considered that the world around you is full of
containers, in all possible shapes and sizes? Many of those
you see can in fact fit inside something else!

They are made from a world of materials.

Wood, clay, leather, stone and reeds were the first to
be used. Later came paper, glass, china, rubber and
plastic. Some containers are hard, some are soft. Some
are transparent, some are opaque. Some are light, some
are heavy. Some are strong, while some rather flimsy.

Rune Markhus

Rune Markhus (b. 1972) is educated at Westerdal’s School
of Communication. He has illustrated a number of awardwinning books for children. Markhus grew up in Tysvær and
now lives in Moss with his wife, two boys and their cat Solo.

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