Ole Mathismoen and Jenny Jordahl (ill.)
20 things you should know about protecting the environment

In 2022, environmental protection is perhaps the most
important subject you can learn. Recycling is especially
important, and in this book comic strips are recycled.
From the best-selling Green Stuff and the sequel Wild Stuff,
we have collected the best comic strips about protecting
the environment, with an addition of plenty of useful and
important information.

Ole Mathismoen and Jenny Jordahl (ill.)

Ole Mathismoen (b. 1961) is one of Norway’s foremost
journalists on environmental and climate issues. He has
written several books on environmental protection. His
books What’s with the climate? (2019) and Green Stuff: Nature
and environment and things
(2018) were both nominated for
Brageprisen (the National Book Award).
Jenny Jordahl (b. 1989) is an illustrator, cartoonist,
graphic designer, blogger and author with a wide range of
publications. She has received several awards, and rights to
her books have been sold to many countries.

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