Ole Mathismoen and Tom Schandy
Speed and strength in nature

Close encounter with Norway’s most powerful

In this unique book, we get a close-up look at Norway’s
fastest and strongest animals. What exactly is speed and
strength in nature? Why is it so important in the animal
world? Does the strongest and fastest always win? Easily
accessible facts from an award-winning communicator,
paired with award-winning photographs make this book a
very special experience with a wide reach.

Ole Mathismoen and Tom Schandy

Ole Mathismoen (b. 1961) is one of Norway’s foremost
journalists on environmental and climate issues. He has
written several books on environmental protection. His
books What’s with the climate? (2019) and Green Stuff: Nature
and environment and things
(2018) were both nominated for
the Brageprisen (the National Book Award).
Tom Schandy (b. 1962) is an award-winning nature
photographer, journalist, editor, author and publisher.
He is a member of the Association of Norwegian Nature
Photographers and affiliated with the photo agency Samfoto.
Schandy has been the editor of WWF-Norway’s magazine
Verdens natur / The world of nature, and in 2010 became
co-editor of the newly started magazine, Natur og Foto /
Nature & Photograph

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