Victoria S. Engelschiøn and Jakob Fløtre Eiring (ill.)

They streak into the atmosphere with sparkling tails,
sometimes causing enormous destruction. A beautiful book
for young readers on a fascinating topic.
What is a shooting star? What can these luminous streaks in
the night sky tell us about our solar system and the universe?
Is it really true that a huge asteroid led to the downfall of
the dinosaurs? Geologist and science communicator Victoria
Sjøholt Engelschiøn shares with us the fascinating answers in
this beautifully illustrated book about asteroids.

Victoria S. Engelschiøn and Jakob Fløtre Eiring (ill.)

Victoria S. Engelschiøn (b. 1989) is a geologist and
paleontologist. After writing her Master’s thesis on fossil
lizards from Svalbard at NTNU and the Natural History
Museum, she worked on manned spaceflights to the moon at
ESA's European Astronaut Center in Cologne, Germany. She is
currently writing her doctoral thesis on what fossils from the
ocean floor can tell us about major changes in the ocean
Jakob Fløtre Eiring (b. 1996) is a filmmaker, animator and
illustrator. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in animation
from Volda University College with an award-winning exam
project, the short film PANDICULATION (2020).

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