Kristin Storrusten and Victoria Sandøy (ill.)
I love sticks - and 89 reasons why you should too

A book all about sticks! This fun non-fiction publication takes
the subject of sticks, twigs, and branches very seriously. Why
do children like them so much? Why have adults stopped
liking them? What defines a stick? How many sticks can a
kid collect in five minutes? Are there famous sticks, and how
have they changed world history? What can you do with
sticks, apart from collecting them?
Author Kristin Storrusten and illustrator Victoria Sandøy
approach the topic with a twinkle in the eye and journalistic
accuracy. The sources for the book are diverse; from an
anthropologist and archaeologist, to an ethologist and
psychologist, and the actual experts: kindergarten and
primary school children!

Nominated for the Brage Prize 2023 in the category Non-fiction for children!

Kristin Storrusten and Victoria Sandøy (ill.)

Kristin Storrusten (b. 1986) has written several books for
children and adults. She works as a journalist for Aftenposten
Junior. Storrusten lives in Oslo with a whittling husband and
two children with magic wands.
Victoria Sandøy (b. 1994) has a degree in illustration from
Falmouth University. She has illustrated several critically
acclaimed picture books and non-fiction children’s books, for
both Norwegian and foreign publishers.

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